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Testforce has built its reputation by being experts in everything test. As the most trusted technical distributor, our mission is to change how problems are being solved in the test and measurement industry. We understand that our customers expect more from their suppliers and partners because more is expected of them as technology changes even more rapidly today than ever before. We provide reliable and personal technical guidance available throughout our customer’s search for the right solution for their application. Proudly supporting the automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, education, and medical industries, we help our customers make tough decisions in critical moments by providing trusted insights and expertise.

Testforce delivers critical technologies that drive our customers forward. Our core values are the catalyst that have accelerated our progress and facilitated growth. Testforce’s main objective will always be to make our customers successful in everything they do. We do this by building on our foundation of continuous improvement through adapting to our environment.

Experts in test

The DNA and foundation of the company stems from the people who work here and our drive to be the leaders in our industry. We invest in our people providing opportunities for development and growth. Our people are factory trained to the exact specifications and standards of our global suppliers.

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