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HIOKI electrical measuring instruments comprise four product groups: automatic test equipment, data recording equipment, electronic measuring instruments, and field measuring instruments. Collectively, these products are used in an extensive range of industries and fields, from research and development to facility and equipment maintenance and service.

Testing of electronic circuit boards and boards with embedded active and passive devices

Quality control testing of electronic circuit boards used in smartphones, computers, and other high-tech products

Development of transport-related equipment and monitoring to detect equipment malfunctions

For example, using electrical signal waveforms to analyze ride comfort in automobiles or elevators

Testing of electronic components and evaluation of the quality of energy-saving equipment and power supplies

For example, checking the quality of electricity generated from alternative energy sources to ensure that it can be used safely by people in their daily lives

Maintenance and inspection of electrical work and equipment

Verifying equipment operating status and checking for malfunctions by measuring current levels safely and easily at sites such as power receiving and distribution facilities

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  1. ST4030A
    ST4030A Impulse Winding Tester

    Diagnose the Insulation Quality and Deterioration of Rotor Windings while in Assembled State via Response Waveform Quantification

  2. 3174
    3174 HiPot Tester

    5 kV AC HiPot Tester, Ensure Insulation and Withstand Voltage with Contact Check

  3. BT3563
    BT3563 LIB Pack Tester

    300V DC Battery Testers for Production Line Testing of High Voltage Battery Packs and Modules

  4. RM3548
    RM3548 Portable Resistance meter

    High-precision Portable Resistance Meter Measures from 0.0 uOhms (at 1 A) to 3.5 Mohms

  5. PD3259
    PD3259 Digital Phase Detector

    Digital Phase Rotation Meter with Three-Phase Voltage Measurement Functionality

  6. PQ3100
    PQ3100 Power Quality Analyzer

    3-Phase 4-Wire Power Quality Analyzer Compliant to IEC61000-4-30 Class S Standards and On-screen Guide to Deliver Easy Setup and Testing

  7. PQ3198
    PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer

    Investigate Power Characteristics and Analyze the Causes of Problems

  8. IM3570
    IM3570 Impedance analyzer

    Single Device Solution for High Speed Testing and Frequency Sweeping

  9. IM3536
    IM3536 LCR meter

    General-Purpose LCR Meters with Measurement Frequency from DC, 4 Hz to 8 MHz

  10. BT4560
    BT4560 LIB Cell Tester

    Battery Impedance Meter, Achieve Long Service Life Battery Modules by Measuring Reaction Resistance

  11. BT3562
    BT3562 LIB Pack tester

    LIB Pack Tester, Battery HiTester, 3 mΩ to 3000 Ω/60V DC Battery Testers for Production Line Testing of Battery Packs and Modules

  12. BT3554 11
    BT3554-11 Lead Acid Battery Tester

    Lead Acid Battery Tester, Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, even speedier diagnosis of the deterioration of lead-acid batteries

  13. ST5520
    ST5520 Insulation tester

    Insulation Tester, Industry's Fastest Insulation Tester Assesses in as Fast as 50ms

  14. PW3365
    PW3365 Power Logger

    Clamp on Power Logger with Current sensors, Eliminate the Risk of Short-Circuits and Electrical Accidents

  15. PW3360
    PW3360 Power Logger

    Clamp on Power Logger, Portable Power Loggers for Energy Audits and Energy Conservation

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