The Power of Auto Ranging

Learn About Programmable Power Supplies

These products are often tested with resistive load banks, but this approach does not simulate real-world conditions such as switching DC/AC converters found in many AC powered products.

As a result, using resistive load banks does not fully exercise the equipment under test (EUT) under worst case operating conditions. High peak currents and low power factor loads can significantly impact the operating characteristics of a UPS or AC power product.

A better way to test these products is with an AC electronic load, such as the California Instruments 3091LD AC eLoad. An AC electronic load can simulate high crest factor and variable power factor load conditions in addition to providing a purely resistive load, effectively simulating real-world conditions and significantly increasing product reliability. Product defects that result in costly field returns are detected well before a unit reaches a customer site.

An AC electronic load should have the following modes:

Series PS 9000 1U 1.5kW up to 3kW

Elektro-Automatik PS9000 1U

Adjustable, programmable, 19” 1U rack-mount format

Auto-ranging output On-board 3-way interface (USB/Analogue/Ethernet) Voltages 0-80V up to 0-750VDC Currents 0-6A up to 0-100A Powers 1.5kW up to 3kW

  • ✔ Wide AC supply voltage range: 100...264 V (1500W models), with active PFC
  • ✔ High efficiency: up to 95%
  • ✔ Output power ratings: 0...1500 W or 0...3000 W
  • ✔ Output voltages: 0...80 V up to 0...750 V
  • ✔ Output currents: 0...6 A up to 0...100 A
  • ✔ Flexible, power regulated output stage
  • ✔ Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • ✔ Control panel with pushbuttons and blue LCD for actual values set values, status, and alarm
  • ✔ Remote sensing
  • ✔ Share bus for support of parallel connection
  • ✔ Galvanically isolated analog and digital (USB, Ethernet) interfaces
  • ✔ Very low height of only 1U
  • ✔ Temperature-controlled fans for cooling
  • ✔ SCPI command set and ModBus RTU support
  • ✔ LabView VIs and control software for Windows

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