VIAVI AVX-10K Launch Special Promo

VIAVI AVX-10K Launch Special Promo


The Viavi AVX-10K is a NEW flight line ramp test solution for Avionics applications including Navigation, Communications, ADS-B, Transponder and ELT systems. The AVX-10K builds off the success of the industry standard IFR4000/6000 ramp test sets and provides an all-in-one tool troubleshooting that can be conveniently done both at the aircraft avionics bay and in the cockpit using a tablet or mobile device touchscreen display. 

View the AVK-10K here.

    AVX-10K-FLTS – Select 1 free software option $10,500
    AVX-10K-SVLC – Select 2 free software options $16,750
    AVX-10K-CNS – All options are included $23,000

* Prices listed are in USD

Software Options:

    Transponder Modes A,C,S
    ADS-B In/Out
    ADS-B In/Out
    UAT In/Out
    AM/FM Comms

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