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1 GHz, 10X attenuation passive probe with TekVPI® interface.

The TPP1000 model is a high-bandwidth, general-purpose probe from Tektronix that offers breakthrough specifications previously unrealized in this product class. Designed for use with Tektronix 5 Series MSO, 5 Series MSO Low Profile, 4 Series MSO, 3 Series MDO, MDO3000, MDO4000C, and MSO/DPO5000 Series oscilloscopes, these probes provide up to 1 GHz of analog bandwidth with less than 3.9 pF of capacitive loading.

Key features

  • Compact probe head for probing small-geometry circuit elements
  • Small probe body for enhanced visibility to the device-under-test
  • Rigid tip for secure device-under-test connectivity
  • Small MMCX replaceable Tip Cartridge for secure hands-free connectivity (TPP1000 only)
  • 0.1" (2.54 mm) and 0.062" (1.57 mm) Square Pin Adapters attach to MMCX tip cartridge for easy hands-free connection to square pin headers and across 0402 components (TPP1000 only)
  • Replaceable probe tip cartridges
  • Large accessory set for versatile connectivity
  • Accurate high-speed passive probing

    The extremely low capacitive loading limits adverse effects on your circuits and is more forgiving of longer ground leads. And with the probe's wide bandwidth, you can see the high-frequency components in your signal which is critical for high-speed applications. The TPP1000, TPP0500B and TPP0250 passive voltage probes offer all the benefits of general-purpose probes like high dynamic range, flexible connection options, and robust mechanical design, while providing the performance of active probes.

    Accurate low voltage

    The TPP0502 offers the industry's highest bandwidth (500 MHz) and lowest attenuation factor (2X) for making low-voltage measurements such as ripple, a common measurement on the output of power supplies. The low capacitive loading of the TPP0502 means long ground leads can also be used on this probe with minimal impact on measurement quality, providing today's engineer with the flexibility to move around their design without worrying about ground lead length.

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