Understanding specifications of DC reference standards

Rohde & Schwarz - Power Rail Probes

Accurate and Fast Power Integrity Measurements

The active R&S®RT-ZPR20 power rail probe is specifically designed to measure small AC characteristics of DC rails:

  • The probe’s 1:1 attenuation adds only 10 % to the noise of the oscilloscope – only about 120 μV on an R&S®RTO with 1 GHz bandwidth at 1 mV/div
  • With the industry’s largest built-in offset of ±60 V, you can use maximum oscilloscope vertical sensitivity for lower noise and more of the scope’s ADC bits, resulting in a more accurate measurement. In addition, the offset eliminates the need to use AC coupling or DC blocking caps which impede the ability to see true DC values and drift

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RT-ZPR20 Accurate Power Integrity

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