Getting the Most Out Of Your Touchscreen Scope


Getting the Most Out Of Your Touchscreen Scope

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Touchscreen oscilloscopes are making their way into labs, workshops and classrooms. Their intuitive user interfaces makes setting up and making measurements easier than ever. Many people new to oscilloscopes can be lulled into laxity by the ease of use of the instrument, while in reality, doing accurate work with any oscilloscope, even a touchscreen, requires an understanding of the basics –while even more benefit can be found in going deeper into the settings available on these modern oscilloscopes.

In this presentation, application engineer, Alan Wolke, gives a hands-on demo of working with the new 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, including:

  • Basic oscilloscope setup including vertical controls, horizontal controls, trigger controls and probes
  • Deep dive into signal exploration and measurement
  • Remote Control and Sharing

About the Presenter

Alan Wolke, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Tektronix

Alan Wolke is a Senior Field Applications Engineer with Tektronix, a role he has been in since 2006, focusing primarily on Analog and RF / MilGov applications. Prior to joining Tektronix, Alan held various engineering and technical management positions in industries ranging from high-speed fiber optics to hard disk drives. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering in 1985 from NJIT, and is an avid amateur radio enthusiast (W2AEW). In his spare time, Alan shares his passion for electronics, radio and test & measurement on his popular YouTube channel.

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