Oscilloscopes vs Spectrum Analyzers Webinar


Oscilloscopes vs Spectrum Analyzers Webinar

June 14, 2021

Advancements in ADC technology, hardware-based processing and calibration means that a modern oscilloscope can acquire in a single shot frequency bandwidth up to 70GHz.

What's important is that we understand the differences between what an oscilloscope measures and how it operates compared to that of a swept spectrum analyzer, vector signal analyzer and real time spectrum analyzer.

Keith will be answering any questions regarding the webinar topic. If you have a question once the webinar is live, please email [email protected]. All Q&A’s will be shared with webinar registrants through email afterwards. PLease submit questions by June 22nd 2021.

On demand webinar is now available!

About the Presenter

Keith R. Tinsley

Keith R. Tinsley, Application Engineer (IEEE SM’09) received the B.S.E.E degree for Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, in 1994 and the M.S.E.E degree from Arizona State University, Tempe, in 1996.

Keith is currently an application engineer in Performance Marketing serving as a subject matter expert in RF communications and Digital Signal Processing. His responsibilities center around real-time signal processing platforms for Tektronix: RSA5k and RTSA7100 series. Keith has numerous patents and publications and 20+ years experiences in delivering product innovation, leading to proven revenue streams and market differentiation vectors.

His past experiences span direct contributions to the Iridium Satellite Communication system, 3G handset design and test, and Ultrawideband standards development, spanning multiple F500 companies.

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