Test Essentials: Vector Network Analyzer Basics On Demand Webinar


Rohde & Schwarz Test Essentials: Vector Network Analyzer Basics On Demand Webinar

VNAs share the distinction of being the most versatile and paradoxically the most intimidating instruments in the RF lab.

In this webinar, the intimidation factor is stripped away by examining the basic components making up a VNA, describe the kinds of applications commonly associated with VNAs, and provide demonstration overviews of these applications.

The webinar covers the different types of VNAs with emphasis on their differentiating features and key specifications, as well as typical options. If you are new to the VNA world, or just interested in a current snapshot of the VNA marketplace, this presentation is for you.


  • Typical applications
  • How does it work?
  • Common measurements
  • VNA types
  • VNA controls
  • Key terms
  • VNA setup
  • Measurement techniques
  • Options & Accessories

About the Presenter

Greg Bonaguide

Greg Bonaguide, Application Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc.

Greg Bonaguide is a Senior Applications Engineer for Rohde & Schwarz, specializing in Spectrum Analyzer and Vector Network Analyzer technology. He has worked in the RF & Microwave field since 1982 in Design, Systems Engineering, and Test & Measurement roles. His experience includes stints with both Commercial and Aerospace/Defense companies such as the American Radio Relay League, Cubic Corporation, E-Systems, GTE Spacenet, Philips Semiconductors, and Raytheon. He holds Masters Degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Engineering Management from the University of South Florida, and has published in journals such as QST, the ARRL Handbook, Microwaves & RF, Test & Measurement World, and Evaluation Engineering. He has also authored and delivered several MicroApps presentations at past IEEE-MTT shows. He served on the 2016 EDI CON Technical Advisory Committee, was co-chairman for the 2014 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps), and served as Chairman of the IEEE Florida West Coast Section MTT/AP/ED Societies. He recently published The VNA Applications Handbook through Artech House.

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