VIAVI: ADS-B Testing Best Practices


ADS-B Testing Best Practices

From factory to flight line, VIAVI offer various Solutions for ADS-B Performance Testing. In line with the EASA and the FAA ADS-B Out mandates, this webinar is to provide an overview to Maintenance teams of airlines, repair stations and manufacturers on the best practices to follow when testing Transponders with ADS-B Capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn about:

1. ADS-B

  • What is it
  • The Benefits
  • The Mandate

2. Testing Best Practices

  • Transponder Tester
  • Antenna Transmission Covers
  • Automation Software
  • GPS Simulation

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How much does this ADS-B training cost?

This training is 100% free!

What topics will you cover?

This webinar will teach you about ADS-B and Testing Best Practices.

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